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Shop online for the best selection and prices of Seekins Precision at Seekins Precision is firearms and firearm parts manufacturer based in Lewiston, Idaho, USA. Seekins Precision is founded by Glen Seekins back in 2003 but fully operational since 2005. Until now we developed manufacture of a full line of AR products which includes AR parts and complete rifles. Find uppers, lowers, rails and many more firearm parts and complete rifles here manufactured by Seekins Precision like the Seekins Precision Havak Bravo.

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From inception, it’s always been about 3 things: Quality. Reliability. Accuracy. We continue to ensure that those standards are met at every stage of production. Only with the passing of rigorous testing is each product able to carry the unconditional lifetime warranty, the shooter satisfaction guarantee, and the Seekins Precision logo.

Seekins Precision Havak Bravo

The HAVAK Bravo is Seekins’ go-to, run-it-hard, do-it-all rifle.

HAVAK Bravo users run the gamut, from our nation’s elite SWAT and law enforcement professionals to competition shooters to hunters to those simply plinking cans on the back 40. And they all report the same thing:  The HAVAK Bravo will take your style of shooting to the next level while enabling your success in the other shooting disciplines.


Seekins Precision USA

The American Dream. Everyone wants a piece of it as Thomas Wolfe once described it: “…to every man, regardless of his birth, his shining, golden opportunity…the right to live, to work, to be himself, and to become whatever thing his manhood and his vision can combine to make him.” When Glen Seekins founded Seekins Precision, it was no surprise to those who knew him well. He comes from a long line of hard-working entrepreneurs, so becoming one himself was only natural. Following The American Dream seemed to be engrained in his DNA.